Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Book Character Day

Wow! What an awesome day we had yesterday! Spongebob and I loved your costumes and seeing your fantastic acting skills at the court theatre. Make sure you show your Mums and Dads your writing you did on seesaw yesterday. Have a great weekend, Miss Laing and Mrs P will be back on Monday! 
Love from your friends Stuart and Spongebob! 

Sunday, 7 August 2016


On Friday we took the opportunity to go outside and play in the snowflakes! Little did we know we were going to get as much snow as we did yesterday!! I hope everyone has had a super weekend and we will see you tomorrow morning :) 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Trailer - BBC Sport

Holiday Story Writing

Welcome back to Term 3! Here are a few of our stories we have written about what we did during the holidays.

I went into the ten pin bowling and we didn't play. We played the car game. I won and Keira lost. I played against my Dad and I won. I played against my Mum and I won. We stayed there for five nights.
By Max McGinity

When we went to Omaru once we unpacked our bags I got my swimming togs on and my brothers were getting their swimming togs on too. Then we went swimming. We went home to Gran and Grandads and my brother Jonty stayed at Aunty Janines. He stayed two nights and we stayed three nights and the last night we went ten pin bowling, that was fun. Then we went home and I was sad because we had to leave Gran and Grandads.
By Annalise King

I went with Dad and we went to Wanaka. We unloaded the truck. I like coming with Dad because I don't need my seat and we ate marmite sandwiches.
By Isaac Stewart

Me, Annabelle, Mum and Dad went to a party because Mum and Dads friends baby was turning one like Annabelle. But Sophie could not go because she was sick. We went at 11 o'clock. We ate sausage rolls and buns and cake. It was chocolate cake.
By Abbey Marr

I went to see the baby seals. I went to the end of the walk and we had to jump. There were lots of seals. It was in Kaikoura.
By Matthew Hawker

me and Dad went skiing. We went up to the top chairlift. I can ski the top chairlift by myself and I can get on myself too. We stayed the whole afternoon. I felt proud of myself.
By Logan Glass

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Paper making

Today we made paper!! It was such an awesome way to wrap up our inquiry topic. We need to say a massive THANK YOU to our lovely teacher aides who spent most of Wednesday making the paper pulp and to our fantastic parent and grandparent helpers! We wouldn't be able to do these sorts of things without your ongoing support and help. We hope you enjoyed being apart of our learning.

Science Alive

On Monday we were lucky enough to have Science Alive come in and extend our learning on structures. We worked in small groups and then joined everything together at the end. First we had to make a cube and then made it stronger by Reinforcing it with triangles. We used k'Nex to build our structures. Thank you so much to our super parent and grandparent helpers. We love having you involved in our learning!!

Thursday, 30 June 2016


Recently we have been looking at structures and the different types of materials used. Over the past week we looked a range of different houses from around the world.
Firstly we took note of the belongings each family had outside of their homes and then looked at the houses. In our collaborative groups we were given a picture of a house and then worked together to fill in the PMI (plus, minus, interesting) chart.
We learnt a lot about why certain materials were used in certain areas of the world and compared some of those houses to what we have in NZ.

Once we finished working in our collaborative groups, we joined up with another group to share our findings and teach the other group about what we had learnt.

It was so awesome to see everyone participating, sharing their knowledge of their picture and taking turns!